Phoenix DinoCon

Arizona's ORIGINAL Pop Culture Dinosaur Convention

VENDOR SPOTLIGHT – Jon Garza & Damien X. Hernandez

What is it that you dig about dinosaurs? Jon Garza (JG): I dig dinos because they are on point. Damien X. Hernandez (DXH): We are the dinosaurs of the future! How did you get inspired to make your art? JG: I was inspired by old, rad graphics of dinosaurs skateboarding, that combination is awesome. DXH: […]

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ALL WE CAN SAY IS, “WOW!” Due to the overwhelming response, Phoenix DinoCon is no longer accepting volunteer applications. We are both humbled and excited that so many of you want to help us this year! Our thanks goes out to everyone who shared our call for assistance! We REALLY appreciate it. If you’ve already […]

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What is it that you dig about dinosaurs? Is that a pun? “Dig” about dinosaurs? Oh dear. That’s hard to answer. There’s so much loaded into my whole concept of dinosaur. But if had to try: I feel a little thrill every time I remind myself that these were real animals. Not the rampaging, bellowing, […]

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VENDOR SPOTLIGHT – Lauren Cusimano

What is it that you dig about dinosaurs? They’re just so dang big. It’s the only instance where we as humans could imagine being like insects. I used to have nightmares as a kid about “longnecks” stamping my house to bits and T-Rexes hunting me down, so being interested in them now is like facing […]

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2014 Phoenix DinoCon t-shirts now available for presale!

Taking off where our 2013 design left off, 2014 Phoenix DinoCon t-shirts are now available for presale at our ticketing website until July 15th! BUY NOW AND SAVE Our ONLY official t-shirt presales for just $15, and will be available in very limited quantities at the event on August 2nd 2014 A.D. for $20. Women’s fit shirts available during presale […]

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Get your dino and kaiju fix at Phoenix Comicon!

While we prepare the mega awesome dino party that is Phoenix DinoCon on August 2nd, we’ve SUPER excited for Phoenix Comicon this weekend! We’ve combed through the programming list for some panels you’ll love. You’ll probably see us there! Wave and say hello! (Hint: we’ll probably be wearing dino gear. It’s kinda our uniform.) And don’t forget to check […]

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