Phoenix DinoCon

Arizona's ORIGINAL Pop Culture Dinosaur Convention


MIGHTY MORPHIN DINO RANGERS What is it that you dig about dinosaurs? The mystery… It’s evidence of a whole other world that existed right where we stand today. It makes me wonder what this place we call home will be like one million years from now. In your own words, what will you be sharing […]

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KAIJU OR KILLED BY KAIJU? THE MYTHOS OF PACIFIC RIM What is it that you dig about dinosaurs? That there was such diversity in what we call “dinosaurs” over such a long period. There were hundreds if not thousands of different distinct adaptations over the course of so many millions of years. Our species has […]

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KAIJU AND THEIR KIN What is it that you dig about dinosaurs? When I was a kid, dinosaurs still existed. But seriously: In my younger years, I was intrigued by them in the same way I was intrigued by fictional beasts (i.e. movie monsters). As an adult, I’m curious about mysterious, extinct creatures. My youthful […]

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Get your dino and kaiju fix at Phoenix Comicon!

While we prepare the mega awesome dino party that is Phoenix DinoCon on August 2nd, we’ve SUPER excited for Phoenix Comicon this weekend! We’ve combed through the programming list for some panels you’ll love. You’ll probably see us there! Wave and say hello! (Hint: we’ll probably be wearing dino gear. It’s kinda our uniform.) And don’t forget to check […]

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“Look Mommy, Dinosaurs!”

A Godzilla (2014) Spoiler-free Review. You like GIANT monsters, right? And dinosaurs (you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t)? Like most children lucky enough to be exposed to such things, I had a real fascination with Godzilla… I loved dinosaurs, sure, but Godzilla is so much more — he’s a dinosaur superhero. He has […]

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