VENDOR SPOTLIGHT – Jon Garza & Damien X. Hernandez

What is it that you dig about dinosaurs?

DSC_3269Jon Garza (JG): I dig dinos because they are on point.
Damien X. Hernandez (DXH): We are the dinosaurs of the future!

How did you get inspired to make your art?

JG: I was inspired by old, rad graphics of dinosaurs skateboarding, that combination is awesome.
DXH: There is a creative beast inside of me that comes out every full moon.

What will you be bringing to Phoenix DinoCon this year?

JG: I will be bringing a new dinosaur print and possibly a dinosaur zine!
DXH: Charisma, a quick hand, probably watercolors… But mostly charisma.

Where is the best place to see more of your work online?

sticker-3.5inx2in-h_elgarzaDXH: You can see my work at but mostly my Instagram account @dxvisual.

Anything else you’d like to add?

JG: Keep dinos rad!
DXH: I’m super excited to draw cartoonish, completely science-free dinosaurs for you all. 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 11.17.32 AMJon Garza and Damien X. Hernandez are just plain awesome, both as friends, and as independent artists. Last year they created a plethora of amazing prehistoric dinosaur drawings to anyone’s paid request. We were very proud to have them as original Phoenix DinoCon contributors, and are super stoked to see what they come up on-the-fly for our attendees this year, on August 2nd 2014 A.D.