What is it that you dig about dinosaurs?

I have always had a fascination with dinosaurs that stemmed from my exceptional skills at catching horny toads and other lizards as a small child.

How did you get inspired to make your art/craft?

mb_02My inspiration for making my Monster Booty line came from being a social worker specializing in teens and families. The stress of this type of work leads to either heavy drinking or crafting. I chose the latter.

What will you be bringing to Phoenix DinoCon this year?

I will be bringing clothing and accessories made from upcycled materials each with my own version of Monster booty Dino’s or Zillas.

Where is the best place to see more of your work online?

Some of my works can be seen on my Monster Booty Threads Facebook page or at

Anything else you’d like to add?

mb_01Anyone else remember the glow in the dark dinosaurs you could get from 7-11 in the late 80’s? I loved those!

Even though we’re Phoenix DinoCon, we’ve been known to make frequent trips to Tucson to see bands or just to get away for the day. Forever wandering into Pop Cycle on 4th Ave., we’ve long been enamored with Monster Booty’s goods, and it is a welcome pleasure to count them as part of our Velociraptor Vendor Room on August 2nd 2014 A.D.