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Arizona's ORIGINAL Pop Culture Dinosaur Convention



Phoenix DinoCon is an original pop culture dinosaur convention. It is the first convention for dinosaur fans who are more captivated by the WHOA of dinosaurs than the WHY. The event takes place from 3 pm to 9 pm on Saturday, August 2nd 2014 A.D. at the Phoenix Center for the Arts. Registration opens at 2:30 pm. Velociraptor Vendor Room opens at 3:30 pm.


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Phoenix Center for the Arts provides opportunities to for individuals to participate in the visual and performing arts. It is a facility of and supported by the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department. PCFTA is located in Downtown Phoenix just North of Roosevelt Row at 1202 North 3rd Street (the East end of Margaret T. Hance Park). Get directions.

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Once upon a (Land Before) time, one Phoenix-area family (Julia Zolondz, Bobby Tyning, and Patty, Carl and Trinidad Jimenez) realized that the best possible day in the HISTORY of days would be spent chatting with dinosaur fans about dinosaurs with grand obsession. Staging a dinosaur fan convention became a running theme in conversations at family get togethers.

After Julia booked a venue to call their bluff, Phoenix DinoCon hatched like a baby Velociraptor… WITH GREAT FURY.

Our inaugural event amazed crowds with facts, fun, fantasy and TONS OF DINOSAURS! Read a Geek News Network review.

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Walking the Dinosaur:
Building the T. Rex for Jurassic Park

Michael Trcic – Sedona-area Sculptor and VFX Artist

tricicCome meet the visual effects artist and key sculptor of the T. rex in Jurassic Park! Get a behind-the-scenes look from the first prototype to the building & filming of the life-size animatronic puppet in the iconic T. rex paddock scene. Also, hear some insider info about the other JP dinosaurs and how they have been presented in films both before and after Jurassic Park. Michael’s full bio is on his website.

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From Fossils to Fiction:
Pop Culture Dinos and Why We Love them

Melanie Dolberg – Geologist, Barrick Gold

dolbergHear about how famous movies and TV shows have either succeeded or failed at bringing accurate information into the public lexicon, while giving children and adults a passion for dinosaurs. From The Land Before Time to Land of the Lost, Jurassic Park and Godzilla, or the Discovery Channel’s Megalodon, see where your favorite movie monsters got their starts.

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly—
The Best and Worst Dinosaur-Related Games

The Lonely D12 team – Ric Steele and Jamie Alcumbrac

d12The Lonely D12 team will be discussing different dinosaur-related RPGs and tabletop games; focusing mainly on their experiences playing the short-lived Lost World: Jurrasic Park Role Playing Game. They will share dinosaurs’ footprint in gaming culture, their peak in the early 90’s, and their recent resurgence. Check out their blog and friend them on facebook.

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Kaiju and Their Kin

Damon Foster – founder of ORIENTAL CINEMA magazine and host of Phoenix’s monthly TOKUSATSU THEATER

dfosterAn introduction to Japan’s answer to the movie monster. Watch clips from movies and TV shows in this historical look at some of the most well known (as well as the more obscure) giant reptiles like Godzilla and Gamera, plus superheroes, and much more! Check out Oriental Cinema’s YouTube channel.

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Dinosaurs in Steampunk and Victorian Literature

Khurt Khave – steampunk author and tea dueling champion


Steampunk is defined as Victorian Era science fiction. It was during this period when dinosaurs first emerged in literature. Khurt’s panel will cover where they started and where they have stomped their way since through the written word. Friend Khurt on facebook or check out his YouTube Channel.

Steampunk T. Rex image by Bahryi Vadim.

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DIY Minibooks featuring the Hunks of Jurassic Park

“Totally” Patty Jimenez – Crafty Librarian

pjThe return of Crafting with Dinosaurs from our 2013 event brings a special demo and optional make-and-take craft. Stop by to learn how to make cool pocket notebooks featuring those bronzed boys of summer, Dr. Ian Malcom, Dr. Alan Grant, Robert Muldoon (and his sassy sassy short-shorts), Tim Murphy, Henry Wu, Nick Van Owen and maybe a genetically modified dino or two. Make-and-take tickets are available at the Phoenix DinoCon merch table for $3 each, or 2 for $5. Visit Patty’s Pinterest page for even more great craft ideas!

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JP4: What We’re In For

Bobby Tyning – Phoenix-Area Graphic Designer, Confirmed Dork

jurassic-world-2015Just what is going on with the NEW Jurassic Park film, Jurassic World? Join Bobby Tyning as he disseminates all the info we have so far regarding actors (BURT MACKLIN) and characters, the plot, set leaks and more. Bobby will also be discussing rumors about possible directions the production could have gone, along with official concept art. WARNING: portions of this panel will indeed be spoiler heavy! Check out Bobby and some of his work on his website, or follow him on twitter.

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2 Lost World 2 Furious

Trinidad Jimenez – Professional Teenager

tjIn a dramatic follow-up to his hit panel from Phoenix Dinocon 2013, Trinidad Jimenez (aged 16) will highlight comparisons between Michael Crichton’s novel The Lost World and its movie counterpart, of which the differences are vast and many. Select passages from the book will be read aloud and deconstructed, particularly the goriest ones. This panel is NOT for the faint-at-heart. Trinidad reviews breakfast cereal on his tumblr.

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Mighty Morphin Dino Rangers

Damien X. Hernandez – Graphic Artist Extraordinaire

powpowIntergalactic alien powers, sweet ninja suits, over the top giant monsters, martial arts action… What more could a kid ask for? Oh that’s right, DINOSAURS! Giant, transforming, robot dinosaurs to be exact, the perfect formula to create one of the greatest cultural phenomenons of the 1990s. Take a trip back with Damien as he explores the show that helped shape a generation of dinosaur-loving adults. Be sure to check out his work on his website, follow him on instagram, plus before and after his panel you can catch him in the velociraptor vendor room.

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KAIJU OR KILLED BY KAIJU? The Mythos of Pacific Rim

Raymond Wolfe – Super nerd with approximate knowledge of
many things, and mastery of no things

Knifehead_ProfileIn the Pacific Rim-verse, Dr. Newton “Newt” Geiszler is either telling us that the kaiju were responsible for the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event 66M years ago, or that the dinosaurs themselves WERE kaiju forerunners. In non-movie media, “Newt” specifies that the dinosaurs were failed prototypes of the modern kaiju, and that their design has been perfected through pitting generations of monsters against each other in a forced, survival of the fittest adaptation race. Raymond Wolfe believes Geiszler meant they were responsible for the EXTINCTION of the dinosaurs… He is also going to cover the distinct classification of Kaiju-Blue, whether modern-day earth would even be habitable by silicon-based life, and lastly, where are the kaiju fossils? As you can imagine, if you’re no stranger to the Shatterdome, Raymond’s panel is NOT to be missed. His Patronus charm has the form of an Ankylosaurus, although his favorite animal is the Mantis Shrimp.

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Julia Zolondz and Andrea Beesley

PUGS_TDELike its Phoenix Comicon Signature Event counterpart, this official spinoff has it all: approval from the original creators (Jeff Moriarty, Jonathan Simon and Andrea Beesley), a distinct focus (DINOSAURS!) and a totally ridiculous one-of-a-kind trophy. Witness eight dinosaur geeks debate topics from the vast landscape of pop culture dinosaurs! Sign up to compete at registration, or just show up to watch adults debate dinosaurs after access to beer and wine all day. The winner gains prizes but MOST IMPORTANTLY, the title of inaugural champion of Phoenix Ultimate Geek Smackdown: Turbo Dinosaur Edition!

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TJ Van Der Werf – Vehicle Customizer, Cosplayer, and USMC Veteran

62381_265028376955120_1114292569_nWhy do the Jeeps of Jurassic Park have red stripes? Why, to prevent the Triceratops from charging of course! Come meet members of the Jurassic Park Motor Pool, a club who’s sole purpose is the help bring the amazing vehicles of Jurassic Park to life. They will be talking about the restoration and customizations needed to make screen accurate projects come to life, but also what it takes to make a sweet Jurassic Park tribute vehicle. Their projects range from Jeeps and Explorers, to Crown Vics and Miatas! Come see what can happen when you “spare no expense”! The JPMP website is still a work in progress, but you can also follow their adventures on facebook.

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Nader Abushhab

nade_doggNader Abushhab is a portrait, fashion, commercial, and event photographer based out of Phoenix, AZ. His style blends simplicity and artistry, and he is a firm believer in finesse when photoshopping images (he likes detail a lot!). Currently, Nader is aspiring to grow the quality of photography coming out of the Phoenix scene by collaborating with talented photographers, quality models, stylists, and determined designers. Phoenix DinoCon is lucky to have NBMA’s generosity and expertise onboard. Please contact Nader and check out some of his beautiful work.

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Bookmans Entertainment Exchange

Buy, Sell & Trade

When Bookmans was founded in 1976, compact discs didn’t exist and “recycle” wasn’t yet a catchphrase, let alone a way of life. For over 30 years they’ve operated on the assumption that books, music, and other media deserve the chance to be discovered on their shelves, not in the local landfill. Simply put, Bookmans was green before green was cool, and their customers continue to fuel their mission of providing a wide selection of reusable media at reduced prices. Buying used is good for your pocket and for the planet, so why buy new?

bookmans-logoAn Arizona institution, Bookmans’ core values include literacy and education, free speech, animal welfare, and the environment, all issues that aren’t hard to get behind. Everyone at Phoenix DinoCon has spent plenty of time in many a Bookmans over the years, and it’s really rad to now count them as a sponsor. For a list of locations and in-store events, visit their website, be sure to friend them on Facebook, and follow them on twitter.

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Community Development Group

Downtown Phoenix, Inc., is a community development group created in 2013 to advance the continued revitalization of Downtown Phoenix. A collaboration between business leadership, City of Phoenix leadership and community leadership, DPI coordinates activities between the Downtown Phoenix Partnership, Phoenix Community Alliance​, Downtown Phoenix Events​, and Downtown Phoenix CDC.


DPI and its affiliate organizations are committed to making Phoenix a vibrant urban destination and one of the nation’s great cities.

They also LOVE dinosaurs.

Be sure to like them on facebook and follow them on twitter.

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Your Full Service Printing and Apparel Source

Caveman Printing & Apparel has been serving the Valley of the Sun since 1982. Located in Mesa, Arizona, they have served the entire valley for more than 30 years.

caveman_printing_logoHow is that for brand alignment, a dinosaur convention and a caveman printer? Caveman Printing & Apparel is a local, family-owned small business, and along with Phoenix DinoCon are proud members of Local First Arizona. Without the locally-owned small businesses our local economy would suffer. Please, if given a choice, support local businesses and their employees that in turn support your business… We’re all in this together!

To learn more about Caveman Printing and the many services they offer, please visit their website.

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Ensuring activity equals accomplishment—for ALL employees

project-a-black-flagProject A was birthed from the realization that personal and professional goals are often missed due to the toll of the day to day work life. Demanding bosses, dependent family members, personal fears and realities of the world we live in regularly prevent us from making decisions we want to make, instead making decisions we feel we are forced to make. Therefore, Project A helps filter through those unfortunate realities and helps people make the decisions they want to make!

We believe in Project A, and Project A believes in us! Visit their website, and follow them on twitter.

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Mobile Hotdog Eatery

shortleashIf you are from Phoenix, and love delicious food, they’ll need no introduction. Short Leash’s business mission is the same as their philosophy in life. They believe in doing the things they love, eating well, and surrounding themselves with the people that make them happy. It is that mission that guides their relationships with their customers, other businesses, and every person on their team. Fellow localists, we here at Phoenix DinoCon are very grateful to have Short Leash Hotdogs as a 2014 sponsor. Be sure to check out their schedule to see when they’ll be in your area, friend them on Facebook, and visit their permanent location downtown.

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2014 Phoenix DinoCon online pre-sale tickets are no longer available

Thanks to everyone who bought online! A limited number of tickets will be available at the door for only $5.00, first come, first served. We will release more tickets throughout the event on August 2nd 2014 A.D. as venue capacity allows. If you didn’t get your tickets yet, your best bet is to get there early! Registration opens at 2:30 PM.

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